Two years ago, as I was searching for a new home all over Houston, I stumbled across Bauman Villas and was very impressed with the small but growing subdivision. The houses are all unique in appearance giving them their own character. Upon looking at the interior of a completed house I was amazed at the excellent use of space and detailing. In short, I knew that I had found my home.

As I was waiting for the house to be complete, I stopped by periodically to see the progress and was very pleased with the quality of materials and workmanship that was going into building my home. The builders welcomed me, which was very comforting. Now that I have been in my home for almost two years, I can say that I am very happy with my decision to buy a home from Home Art Construction. I have not had any problems with my home.”

Brian Herrera - Elementary School Teacher at HISD

“Cindy Romero helped me understand the building process and was always available to answer questions. She explained each step, the choices and options available, and was always accommodating to me as the buyer. Cindy was always professional, friendly, and willing to go out of her way to assist me. She did everything she could to meet my deadlines, while still providing a quality home. Even after buying the home, she is still very professional and responsive to my needs. She knows everybody's names, where they live, and still interested in creating a beautiful subdivision. Cindy is more than capable of performing her duties and goes above and beyond that. Cindy is easy to talk to, always listens, and honest with her answers. My home buying process and homeownership was a lot easier than expected and I give a lot of credit to Cindy for that.

Cindy has dedicated a lot of her time and energy into my neighborhood. I am happy I was able to work with her and hope to continue to in the future.”

Marisa Gillam

"I was very impressed with the quality of construction in your Home Art homes. I do work in a lot of million plus dollar homes, and I think the quality of your finishes is every bit as good if not better in many cases than what I see in some of the homes in Memorial and Tanglewood. [Home Art Construction] are building an exceptional product. I congratulate you for maintaining such high standards.”

Mary Calvin, Cabinet Innovations

"I am very impressed with the quality of the product Home Art Construction offer at such a competitive price point.”

Aman Khan, Titan Homes

“We thoroughly love our home and have a strong appreciation for all the hard work, time, and careful planning that went into building it.Moreover, we appreciate the fact that we can still call upon some of Home Art’s personnel to make adjustments and small modifications in a timely and efficiently manner”

Jorge & Carmen Martinez

“My home has not had any major problems. I always receive immediate assistance from Ms, Romero. I have been satisfied with my home, the purchasing process and continued support from Ms. Romero.”

Marisa Tijerina

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